The European Union will allocate humanitarian aid to Latin America

The EU announced that it will allocate 130 million euros to address the humanitarian crisis in Latin America. Of that sum, 50 million euros will be assigned to Venezuela

The European Union announced this Wednesday that it will allocate 130 million euros for humanitarian aid to confront the migration crisis in several Latin American countries.

The European Commission (EC) will allocate European Union (EU) funds “to address the most urgent humanitarian needs in Latin America and the Caribbean during the year 2024. The initiative responds to the increase in climate crises and conflicts in the region, with special attention to the most vulnerable populations.

Venezuela will be one of the beneficiary nations. According to the EU, it will receive 50 million euros that will be used to “mitigate the consequences of the prolonged humanitarian crisis that the country is going through and its regional repercussions. In addition, an additional 5 million euros will be allocated to strengthen the country’s preparation for natural disasters.”

On the other hand, Colombia will also benefit from European aid. It will receive 16 million euros that will allow it to face the consequences of armed conflicts and preparation for natural disasters.

The allocation for the rest of South America will be 22 million euros, “mainly to address the forced displacement of the population and the internal crisis in Ecuador.”

In the case of Central America, the funds that the European Union will allocate amount to 18 million euros “to respond to humanitarian crises derived from violence and displacement, in addition to an additional million for preparation for natural disasters.”

The Caribbean region will receive 2 million euros focused on the migration issue, in addition to another million for disaster preparedness. The sum complements the 20 million already released in March for Haiti.


Source: elimpulso

(Reference image source: Guillaume Périgois in Unsplash)

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