Meta will include payment options on WhatsApp

The technology company is working on a series of features for WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook

Meta is setting up a new list of paid products for its messaging and social media platforms WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

The media leaked a document in which the company indicates that this work will be carried out by the “New Monetization Experiences” team and that it will be led by a former head of research for the brand, Pratiti Ray Choudhury.

In addition, at this writing the tech company mainly suggests that it will start working on a series of payment features on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, without determining what they will be or when it expects to test them.

Meta’s revenue comes mainly from ads, although it already has some paid features, but they are not prioritized in its services.

At the moment, this would be the main source of income, according to the vice president of this area, John Hegeman, in statements provided by this medium, adding that Meta does not plan to offer users the option of removing paid ads.

“I think we see opportunities to create new types of products, features and experiences that people would be willing to pay for and excited to pay for,” he said.

K. Tovar

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Source: La Sexta

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