MásQueSeguridad validates that cybercrime re-evolution will manifest itself in 2022

The management team of MásQueSeguridad warns that investigations indicate that cybercriminals will optimize their practices and be more effective

Cybercrime re-evolution is a concrete threat by 2022

The costliest cyberattacks in history have taken place over the past two years, with record amounts of stolen credit cards, high-tech crimes suitable for stopping companies and unsettling nations.

In addition, novice cybercriminals can with small resources and knowledge scam and extort anyone, who end up being daily victims and numbering in the millions.

According to eXtreme Cybersecurity Lab studies, for this new year the threats will be re-evolutionary. In other words, criminals will optimize their existing practices that will take them to a new level of perfectionism and effectiveness in wrongdoing.

This was indicated by the engineer Lino Simoes, general manager of MásQueSeguridad, during a year-end luncheon that brought together all the managers of that organization. Simoes made reference to publications in this regard made by Catalina Cepparro from SUR Comunicación – Argentina.

MásQueSeguridad agrees and reinforces that digital protection comes first

The MásQueSeguridad (MQS) team coincided with these affirmations and theses, the renowned firm based in Caracas and international projection, led by the IT specialist Rafael Núñez, its CEO, who offers organic solutions to companies providing security and technological shielding of the digital operations.

Groups that operate at a transnational level will continue to expand to develop criminal operations. These will place their focus on the adoption of new technologies and Artificial Intelligence to improve their social engineering techniques at the service of crime.

This outlines the need today more than ever to have preventive and crisis care plans, such as those offered in Venezuela by the qualified team of MásQueSeguridad.

It should be noted that the new criminal modalities will affect the way in which business managers and governments must assess risks, as they will be exploited by cybercriminals to raise fear in users.

Attacks on mission critical infrastructures will continue to increase during 2022, which is why it is essential to protect intangible assets from the action and reach of digital criminals.

Rafael Núñez Aponte, citing the report published by Catalina Cepparro and SUR Comunicación, as well as the eXtreme Cybersecurity Lab studies, specified as a summary:

While ransomware infection rates are declining, more and more companies are paying the ransom. More than half of organizations affected by ransomware pay to unlock their data, further fueling criminal activity.

  • Phishing attacks hit their highest level in 3 years.
  • 70% of online fraud was carried out through mobile platforms.
  • On average, 82 malicious applications are identified each day, downloaded from official and unofficial stores. The main categories of fraudulent applications are Games 21% and Entertainment and Lifestyle 17%.
  • Cybercriminals’ tactics often take advantage of available information, 63% of intrusions occur as a result of compromised usernames and passwords.
  • 88% of organizations recognize that insider threats are a cause for concern, although it is observed that the damage caused by people within the organization can be unintentional.
  • The percentage of organizations that were victims of ransomware and that paid ransoms increased from 45% to 57.5% in 2021 and there are estimates that this number will continue to rise in 2022.


With information from MásQueSeguridad – Caracas

And Catalina Cepparro / SUR Communication – Argentina

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