London hosts an AI meeting from an artistic view

The capital of England is holding an event with some 200 installations where artificial intelligence is shown in a way beyond science

In London, England, an artificial intelligence exhibition called “AI: More than Human” is being held. It is a space that brings together some 200 installations with projects by artists, scientists and researchers.

The main attractions of this event is offered by the immersive Japanese teamLab collective, who mix art and science to offer visitors the opportunity to leave their mark in the digital nature.

People can also see robots of all shapes, sizes such as the dog Sibo from Sony and the mechanical arm with the ability to prepare and serve cocktails.

To curb the growing decline of bees, the Mediated Matter Group of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) presents a synthetic hive that reproduces the conditions of a perpetual spring.

This type of meeting, according to the ethics officer at IBM Research Francesca Rossi, helps to show one of the best sides of artificial intelligence, which would be to help identify and avoid human prejudices.

“If the machine can understand this concept of bias, then it can alert us if it sees that there is discrimination in our decision making“, says the Italian officer.

K. Tovar

Source: ElComercio

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