LinkedIn launches AI-based feature to generate collaborative articles

The LinkedIn employment platform has introduced a new function based on Artificial Intelligence that allows the creation of collaborative articles

LinkedIn has introduced a new functionality to its service, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate collaborative articles on specific topics and start conversations between experts using the platform.

The employment platform has commented that this initiative stems from the need to share knowledge to help other people start and reorganize their companies based on these experiences, instead of solving their doubts on the Internet.

LinkedIn believes that it is the users themselves who can help others who need advice to avoid making mistakes in the development of their businesses in different sectors and countries.

To solve this problem, it has announced collaborative articles, topics published by the company with opinions and perspectives added by the community of users of the professional platform.

To propose the topics, its editorial team has developed an AI that drives these conversations and, after a filter in which it uses its Competence Graph, matches each article with “relevant” experts who can contribute their vision and experience on the subject.

LinkedIn realizes that “starting a conversation is harder than joining it,” and for that reason, these collaborative articles “make it easy for professionals to come together and add and improve ideas.” Thanks to this feature, the company hopes that users can be easily connected with the topics of their interest and that they can take advantage of it on a personal and professional level.

In order to value these collaborations, it has established a system of certifications and badges, with which it seeks to reward those users who dedicate their time to the initiative. Some of these awards include Community Top Voice and Top Sales Voice. These will appear both in the collaborative article and in the ‘feed’ of the platform.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: John Schnobrich, Unsplash)

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