Chevron’s contribution to crude oil production in Venezuela is 87 thousand bpd

The economist Rafael Quiroz, an oil expert, indicated on Tuesday that the Chevron company contributes 87,000 barrels per day to national production

The expert on the oil issue Rafael Quiroz has indicated that the contribution of the Chevron company to oil production in Venezuela amounts to 87,000 barrels per day.

The economist pointed out on Tuesday that, despite this figure, the US company does not seem to have any intention of making large investments in the Latin American country.

According to Quiroz, Chevron has serious commitments with Guyana, where it received two important concessions. He stressed that the North American oil company “also has commitments with Brazil offshore, in Atlantic waters and in Vaca Muerta, in Argentina.”

In this sense, investments in Venezuela would be limited and aimed at “self-collecting the debt that PDVSA has with them, which exceeds US$3.5 billion.”

Quiroz estimates that by the end of this year, Venezuela’s oil production would not be above one million barrels per day, but could vary between 900,000 and 900,500.


Source: finanzasdigital

(Reference image source: Aleksey Malinovsky, Unsplash)

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