Largest Internet provider in Latin America accepts payments with Bitcoin

GoldConnect, one of the great, decided to diversify its payment channels, creating the LatamConnect service that will maintain interaction with BitPay and receive crypto assets

The largest internet provider in Latin America, GoldConnect, already accepts payments with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, through the creation of the LatamConnect service, for which the telecommunications company established an alliance with the BitPay platform in order to channel transactions with digital assets between your customers in the region.

The telecommunications company made the news official through a statement this Tuesday, which also highlights the search for new corporate clients and the diversification of its payment platforms.

GoldConnect did not specify which cryptocurrencies it would accept, but they would be the same cryptos that BitPay supports. This platform processes payments with bitcoin, bitcoin cash (BCH), ethers (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), BUSD, USDC, PAX, XRP and DAI. The highest percentage of operations processed by the platform come from Bitcoin.

Another important aspect to note is that the telecommunications company will not keep cryptocurrencies as a savings or investment mechanism. On the contrary BitPay will receive the digital assets and settle them in fiat money, according to the company that has its main headquarters in Weston, Florida, in the United States.

Among the countries that maintain commercial relations with the telecommunications company are: Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Additionally, the company also offers network solutions, cloud computing, cybersecurity and data processing services.

With this measure, GoldConnect is facing the growing demand in the markets for the adoption of new payment methods that are more agile, flexible and easy to use, eliminating potential fraud in transactions and reducing costs in the payment process.

M. Rodríguez

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