LaborX, the platform for freelancers that pays in cryptocurrencies

A system that promotes high levels of performance and that receives crypto assets such as ETH, USDT, USDC, AUDT and TIME

Due to the mobility restrictions currently experienced in many countries of the world, the trend of online freelance work has increased even more and it is expected that this dynamic will continue even after these measures are lifted.

Parallel to this trend, Latin American countries have been economically affected by facts such as inflation, lack of cash, and distrust of traditional financial systems, which increase the demand for cryptocurrencies as an ideal alternative of financial protection for the benefit of the community.

In this scenario, freelance work platforms such as LaborX try to facilitate and expand the conditions and possibilities of people anywhere in the world, thanks to the combination of blockchain technology, thus allowing better job opportunities and receiving remuneration valued in cryptocurrencies.

This platform, which acts as an intermediary for the processes between employer and employee, is in charge of protecting the interests of both parties by guaranteeing compliance with the conditions, times and payment through the use of smart contracts. These contracts are settled and once digitally signed they will require a security deposit in cryptocurrencies.

On the platform you can find a large number of jobs included in the following categories: web developer, mobile and software applications, IT and networks, data science and analysis, engineering and architecture, design and creative, writing, translation, legal, administrative support, customer service, sales and marketing, accounting and consulting.


Source: criptonoticias

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