Shopify launches new Linkpop feature

The company Shopify is launching Linkpop, a free function through which users can have direct access to the product or service by making a link in the biography

The company Shopify launched Linkpop on the English market, a new free function where users, by clicking on the link published in the biography of the social media accounts of a brand or business, will obtain direct access to the product or service, thereby prevailing trade.

With the Linkpop tool they will be able to access the “purchase links currently available only to Shopify merchants”. The company estimates to launch the Spanish version very soon.

With this feature, both users and content creators have the possibility to host “all their links in one place to contribute to the growth of the brand” and display them as if it were “a showcase, within their own platforms in social media.

The tool will make it easy for users to browse “a merchant’s product selection and buy directly through Linkpop” without having to leave the app. The links to make purchases “are automatically synchronized with the seller’s product catalog, where the product details will be displayed directly on their Linkpop page.”

Advantages of Linkpop for sellers

With the new Shopify feature, merchants will be able to:

  • Offer a simple shopping experience. Users will be able to execute payments directly on Linkpop, without having to leave the platform they are browsing on.
  • Analytics Tool: Linkpop will also provide merchants with metrics on link clicks and number of visitors.
  • Customize Your Page: Sellers have the ability to customize various aspects of their Linkpop page such as background colors, font, profile description, and logo to reflect their brand. Additionally, they can “upload photos that accompany the links to offer their followers a truly personalized experience.”
  • Add up to 200 links and checkout links: Merchants, once their account is created, will be able to upload up to 200 links and checkout links to their page, having the freedom to include the different touch points that are most important to their brand, such as a video of YouTube, a purchase link with a new product or any other option.

M. Rodríguez


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