Joe Biden to limit asylum requests on the border with Mexico

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced this Tuesday an executive order to limit asylum requests on the border with Mexico

Asylum seekers in the United States who do not pass the authorities’ strict standards will be deported, according to a new executive order announced this Tuesday by the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

In his presidential election campaign, Biden launched a drastic measure to reduce asylum requests on the border with Mexico.

The order “will allow US authorities to deport those who do not pass strict asylum standards when the figure of 2,500 daily detentions at the border is exceeded for an average of seven days, senior US officials told the press.”

Given that the figure of 2,500 arrests is being exceeded with an average of 4,200 arrests per day that occurred in April, the executive order came into effect this Tuesday. Regarding the protocols for requesting asylum, it was indicated that they will be relaxed again when this number decreases to 1,500 on average over 14 days.

Deportations will be carried out if migrants cannot demonstrate “that there is a reasonable possibility” of risk of torture or persecution if they are returned to their country of origin. U.S. officials have stated that they will adhere to the obligations of the United Nations convention against torture, “which prohibits deporting someone to a country where they may be tortured.”

The situation will vary depending on the nationality of the migrant or asylum seeker. “Those who are Mexicans or nationals of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela will be returned directly to Mexico under prior US agreements with Mexican authorities.”

Migrants arriving at the border from other parts both inside and outside the American continent, such as Colombia or Ecuador, will be expelled on deportation flights. There are exceptions: “unaccompanied travelers traveling north are not subject to the restrictions, as are victims of human trafficking, those facing an acute medical emergency or an extreme threat to their life and safety.”

On the other hand, authorities will continue processing asylum cases for people who have requested an appointment through the CBP One mobile application, with an approximate capacity of 1,450 daily appointments to request asylum.


Source: alnavio

(Reference image source: Barbara Zandoval en Unsplash)

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