Data loss or unauthorized access has devastating effects

The fourteenth edition of ESET Security Day Venezuela 2024 had a wide participation of professionals, companies and users

Data is the most valuable asset for companies and organizations, as it contains privileged information about customers, business strategies, research, technological developments and much more. Hence, the loss or unauthorized access to this information can have devastating consequences for companies.

In the business arena, data leaks can lead to loss of customer trust, costly litigation, reputational damage, and significant financial losses.

All these topics were the center of the analysis during the fourteenth edition of ESET Security Day Venezuela 2024, which had a wide participation of professionals, companies and users interested in cybersecurity, who were received by Michele Flammia, general director of ESET Venezuela (Logintel), and they highlighted the quality of the presentations, the relevance of the topics addressed and the opportunity to interact with experts in the area.

The event, organized by ESET, a leading computer security company, has become a regional reference in terms of updating and analyzing the latest threats and trends in the digital field.

Michele Flammia welcoming the expert Rafael Núñez, CEO of MQS
Michele Flammia welcoming the expert Rafael Núñez, CEO of MQS


Held on May 30 in Caracas, the event brought together cybersecurity experts and industry professionals, thus reaffirming ESET’s commitment to education and awareness in this matter.

Secure data

During the event, three prominent speakers presented presentations on four topics of utmost relevance in the field of cybersecurity. The first of them was Martina López, from Argentina, Security Researcher at ESET Latin America, who referred to Data Protection as “The new gold of the 21st century”, underlining the great importance that data protection has acquired in a world where Information has become a highly coveted asset, both by entities and cybercriminals, hence the protection of information becomes vital for corporations.

During his presentation, López detailed key aspects of this problem, from the evolution of data breaches and sophisticated espionage attacks, to the threats that organizations face today. He presented a practical example of how a person, not necessarily very computer expert, can gain remote access to a company’s data and use it for illegal purposes.


Carlos López Rodríguez, Support and Training Manager at ESET Venezuela, spoke on the topic “Data Protection: Safeguarding corporate gold” and How to prevent cybercriminals from accessing the infrastructure of organizations and mitigate the impact of security incidents ?

Attendees received useful information and learned about different experiences from specialists
Attendees received useful information and learned about different experiences from specialists


He shared strategies and solutions to protect against the most common cyber threats facing organizations and users today. Among these threats are malware, ransomware, phishing and attacks on the supply chain, in constant and accelerated evolution due to the use of artificial intelligence. It recommended the implementation of appropriate security measures, staff training and constant updating of software and systems.

In another talk, Carlos López referred to “Data protection laws: an ally more than an enemy”, the reality of legislation in Latin America related to data protection and its application in organizations. He explained that in Venezuela there is no updated legislation on this matter.

Cybersecurity culture

Finally, José Luis Rangel, Commercial Manager of ESET Venezuela, closed the event’s presentations with his presentation on the topic: “We build the cybersecurity culture together,” in which he indicated that organizations face a primary challenge such as is the ability to adjust to regional labor and regulatory developments, “it is crucial that each team member has access to the necessary information while ensuring their security against cyber threats. This paradigm shift urges us to rethink the ways of communicating, adapting methods and habits that build a culture of collaborative cybersecurity.”

In addition to the conferences, ESET Security Day Venezuela 2024 also offered a space for exchange and collaboration between participants, with a Table of Experts, moderated by journalist Edgar Rincón and in which specialists in the area of ​​cybersecurity participated: Milthon Chávez, Rafael Núñez, Martina López and Aníbal Vera, who answered questions to the attendees to share other experiences in the area.


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