Javier Milei assumed the presidency of Argentina

Javier Milei's inauguration ceremony took place this Sunday

In a ceremony held at the Congress headquarters in Buenos Aires, the ultra-liberal Javier Milei was sworn in as president of Argentina on Sunday. Amidst cheers of “Argentina, Argentina!”, Milei and his new vice-president, Victoria Villarruel, proclaimed their loyalty to the Argentine state in the presence of their predecessors, Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner.

In his first act of protocol, Milei left a significant mark when he signed the book of honor of the Chamber of Deputies with the message: “Viva la libertad, carajo”.

Notably, Milei chose not to address the legislative chamber directly, delegating that task to vice-president Villarruel, who expressed words of thanks on behalf of the new president.

“This moment will last forever in our hearts, and I want to thank you for this gesture of joining us from other countries in the world and from the provinces,” said the vice president.

K. Tovar

Source: El Carabobeño

(Reference image source: x, @jdoedoe101101)

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