Google launches its Gemini tool based on artificial intelligence

The American company had taken strong steps into the artificial intelligence market. In a new advance, it has launched the Gemini tool in Ultra, Pro and Nano formats

The technology giant Google announced the launch of its new tool based on artificial intelligence, Gemini. It is available in Ultra, Pro and Nano formats, depending on the user’s needs.

The American company has been innovating for some time with artificial intelligence. Gemini is its latest contribution to faster navigation, in addition to providing the user with new tools.

Google’s multimodal AI allows us to “generalize and seamlessly understand, operate and combine different types of information, from text and audio to images and video, through code languages.”

Regarding Gemini formats or sizes, Ultra is the most powerful and largest model, for highly complex tasks. Then there’s the Pro, considered the best Gemini model for scaling across a wide range of tasks. In third place is the Nano size, the most efficient, ideal for executing tasks directly on a device and available for smartphones.

Gemini version 1.0 is rolling out across multiple platforms and products. It is currently available on Bard for 170 countries. And starting December 13, Gemini Pro for developers and businesses will be enabled through Google AI Studio and Vertex AI. Android developers will have Gemini Nano through AICore.


Source: 20minutos

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