Guaidó urges Venezuelan people to fight for democracy

This Tuesday, since daybreak, Juan Guaidó organized a concentration at the air base La Carlota with the support of different military divisions to launch the final stage of the "Freedom Operation"

At the daybreak of this Tuesday the president of the National Assembly in Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, addressed to the Venezuelan people through his Twitter account to launch the last stage of the “Freedom Operation”.

The announcement was released through a short video at the air base La Carlota, in which he was accompanied by different members of the military forces and also by the opposition leader Leopoldo López, who was allegedly freed thanks to an indult of Guaidó.

Nicolás Maduro immediately ordered the closure of streets around the air base and there were confrontations between government allied forces and the supporters of Juan Guaidó.

The president of the National Assembly received support from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Colombia and Paraguay, among others. Nevertheless, the international claim is oriented to avoid events that could lead to bloodshed.

The Grupo de Lima, for its part, called for an urgent session to discuss the situation in Venezuela in the search of a pacific solution to the crisis that include free elections.


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