Braganza enhances the beauty of the Venezuelan woman with elegant jewelry

The Venezuelan brand contributes to the empowerment of women through alliances that have given positive and satisfactory results

Braganza, prestigious Venezuelan firm that is characterized by empowering women through its elegant and glamorous designs, has made a name in the world of jewelry. Its different proposal in form and elements – in which its own pieces are combined with the most exclusive brands of other countries – has enjoyed great acceptance among the public since it entered the market six years ago.

And it is that, in the words of its own executive director Patricia Olivares Taylhardat, the concept of Braganza is to wear a jewel in a different way; that is not only the classic one “that they give you on a special date and that women usually use in special events, but that jewel that is part of you, your wardrobe, your day to day … something more trending, more chic, that also goes with your personality.”

This was highlighted during an intimate gathering on Father’s Day held at the store’s premises, where the firm’s clients could enjoy the stand up comedy of Carlos Márquez and Gustavo Ortega.

Patricia Olivares Taylhardat, Executive Director of Braganza

This event was attended by various personalities related to the world of art and fashion, including the Venezuelan designer Carol Ginter, who highlighted that the evening was propitious to raise his new collection to Patricia Olivares, with whom he had the opportunity to work on other occasions.

The designer, known for dressing celebrities and for the high quality of her clothes, commented that her designs have always been characterized by colors, patterns, flowers, ruffles. And in this opportunity presents a completely solid collection that comes only in black, silver and gold without ruffles, flowers, without explosion of colors and everything in sequin pallet.

“The idea is that they (Braganza) highlight my dresses with their jewels, it’s like highlighting that black or solid piece. I love Patricia, she has exquisite taste and the line she presents is from beyond,” Ginter added.

Artkillers, the vanguard of the artistic movement

The meeting was also attended by Rafael Ridell, director of Artkillers and ambassadors of the brand with which Braganza maintains a strategic alliance for a year, which includes the exhibition in the showcases of the avant-garde art shop that these young people Venezuelans produce.

“Almost a year ago Braganza gave us the opportunity to establish a commercial alliance through the pieces and works that Artkillers has been working on, giving exclusivity to the designs of the firm,” he said.

Rafael Ridell, CEO of Artkillers

Ridell explained that the idea of ​​the Venezuelan brand he represents is to change paradigms in the art world, since his designs are characterized by presenting armament pieces with a message totally different or opposite from that of war.

“It’s a shock because people are used to seeing weapons as something military, something that calls for violence. But, basically one of the essences of the business is for people to know that behind that violence everything can be gathered in one piece. It’s like concentrating hatred and turning it into something beautiful and obviously adding a unique style that identifies us as a team,” he argued.

The voice of the ambassadors

Valeria Valle, host of the program Tendency with Valeria Valle, and ambassador of the brand, was another of the personalities that participated in the event. There she took the opportunity to express her joy to the entire team for being part of this project. “I like this group a lot because it brings together several artists who use those pieces that we thought a bit more of war to turn them into art and something positive,” she said.

Regarding the alliance with the jewelry brand, Valle commented: “I also believe that this union between Braganza and Artkillers will give a spectacular result, as we are seeing with pieces intervened with jewelries.”

Felix Murillo, also an ambassador for Artkillers, expressed how pleased he is to belong to this firm: “I’ve been an Artkillers ambassador for three months, and it’s gratifying for me to participate in this project because I specialize in making kinetic art and geometric art and this it is completely different art, it is contemporary art.”

Among the special guests that gathered at the event threre was the Venezuelan actor and presenter Rafael Oropeza, who highlighted the importance of continuing to bet on national talent through alliances like these.

“I find it very interesting because art is always going to be a jewel and it’s good that this time it’s Braganza who is exhibiting and, above all, is supporting the local talent … Those are things that have to be applauded,” he concluded.

With information from El Sumario

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