Google must pay more than $30 million for infringing patent regulations

The company will be forced to pay a million-dollar sum to Sonos for misuse of its patents

A US court determined that Google must pay 32.5 million dollars for using without permission some of its innovations in the sound systems of the manufacturer of smart speakers and laptop computers.

The legal confrontation between the two brands began in January 2020, when the speaker manufacturer filed a lawsuit in the United States against Google for infringement of its patents, assuring that it was done improperly.

Specifically, Google would have misused its technology and software in Sonos products after the two signed a collaboration agreement in 2013 to introduce services such as Google Play Music to these speakers. Specifically, this lawsuit against Google covered five patents.

Following its review, the ITC determined in January 2022 that Google must make the necessary and pre-approved software changes to unblock its products manufactured outside the United States and imported for sale in the United States, in order to prevent its Products are detained at customs.

In August of that same year, it was Google that countersued the sound equipment maker, with two complaints alleging that it had infringed seven of its patents related to its smart speakers and voice control technology.

So, the creator of services like Drive and Gmail filed the lawsuits with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California; a trial that began in early May and has recently concluded.

K. Tovar

Source: Telecompaper

(Reference image source: Greg Bulla, Unsplash)

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