Hootsuite introduces OwlyWriter AI for social media content creation

The Hootsuite platform has just announced the beta of the OwlyWriter AI service for content creators on social networks

The social media management platform Hootsuite has incorporated OwlyWriter AI into its service, an artificial intelligence-based tool for generating content that is available in open beta for testing.

OwlyWriter AI has been developed as a tool to help users overcome daily creative block on social media. To do this, the company explains that it generates, “step by step and with very little information”, ideas that can be used in publications and photo captions.

“This content creation tool offers social marketers the opportunity to automate content creation tasks that will help simplify writing processes, […] save time and increase workflow efficiencies”, they point out from the company in a statement.

This content generator takes advantage of OpenAI’s GPT technology and instruction engineering. It is currently available as an open beta to Hootsuite customers, free of charge and temporarily.

As they explain from Hootsuite, with this test they hope to “collect useful information that will serve as the basis for continuous innovation of OwlyWriter AI.”

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Austin Distel, Unsplash)

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