Google Enterprise Premium is the paid version of Chrome

Following a trend in paid services, Google Chrome announced its Enterprise Premium version worth $6 per month for corporate customers that incorporates AI-powered features

Google launched its first paid version, called Chrome Enterprise Premium, which will have AI-powered features and a monthly cost of six dollars per month.

The subscription plan for Chrome, which has shaken the market, could be extended to other products, such as its search engine.

This is a strategy by the technology company towards the “monetization of its services, and could mark the beginning of a new era for its popular web browser.”

Chrome Enterprise Premium makes available to business users, its focus at the moment, “up to four additional functions for safer web browsing, including some based on AI.” New features include automatic malware warnings and data leak prevention.

The company has emphasized that it will continue to offer its browser for free to all users, without altering existing features. On the other hand, “it offers a free plan for companies, called Chrome Enterprise Core, as an alternative to the Premium version.”

In the digital environment, the advanced protection measures against malware, phishing and other web security threats offered by Chrome Enterprise Premium are very useful.

In this version, customers have the option to mark users, domains, and data as high-risk files to enhance the level of protection; perform “security analysis and protect data remotely, even outside the corporate network.”


Source: finanzasdigital

(Reference image source: Greg Bulla in Unsplash)

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