Google Chrome updates its service with new features

The browser promises to offer 10% speed compared to the previous version

After a long time with the Beta version, Google Chrome makes launches the main novelties to optimize the service on the web that includes intelligent functions, making the browser a “simpler, safer and faster” tool , as the company indicated in a statement.

The first thing to know is the grouping of tabs, with this the tool improves by 10%, thanks to the Tab Throttling function, which optimizes memory use and response capacity and reduces the impact of the tabs that are found. inactive.

The version available for Mac is 3.9% faster, while for Windows it is 7.3% and depending on the company, better battery performance and memory savings will be provided.

Safe storage

Regarding storage, Google Chrome offers more security with a self-generation and save of unique password, providing a better shield to the system.

As for the editing of PDF files and QR code, they can be done directly without using other tools. In addition, from QR codes can be shared websites that other people can scan and go visit them directly.


Source: fayerwayer

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