Elon Musk to present AI-related device in the brain

Through his company Neuralink, the businessman seeks to show progress regarding the repair of brain damage using artificial intelligence

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s company focused on the integration of artificial intelligence technology in the human brain, will announce a sample of the device they are developing next Friday, August 28.

Through his profile on Twitter Musk has shared his intention to show a Neuralink device, the project with which he intends to develop technology and make advances that help in the event of serious brain damage.

The first look at this device will take place on Friday, August 28. This announcement follows the call launched by Musk himself on Twitter in mid-July, by which he was looking for people who could solve difficult problems with phones and devices, such as sealing, signal processing, inductive charging, power management, among others.

In the thread of Twitter conversation, the scientist and businessman assured that Neuralink will allow us to listen to music directly in the brain through a chip or control the level of hormones to use them for our benefit.

K. Tovar

Source: ADN40

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