Golf: Bancamiga supports the Venezuelan Open

This Tuesday the 14th the ProAm Copa Bancamiga will be held, a competition for golf teams that brings together a professional and three amateurs and marks the start of the tournament

Competitors from six countries will be participating from this March 13 in the XXXVIII Venezuelan Open, which will be played in Valencia, Carabobo state, under the organization of the Venezuelan Golf Federation (FVG), the PGA of Venezuela and the Guataparo Country Club, with the support of Bancamiga /

Considered the most important golf event to be held this year in Venezuela, the Open will bring together some 300 outstanding players from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile and Venezuela, shares the financial institution in a press release.

Among the visitors, Colombia stands out with the presence of Esteban Pulido, Jaime Clavijo, Diego Vargas, Andrés Martínez, Diego Ovalle, Jesús Amaya, Jesús Asmed Osmar, Gabriel Cadena and Sergio Díaz. Chile will have Toto Gana, Felipe Aguilar, Benjamín Saiz and Agustín Erruzariz, while Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico will have Julián Etulain, Juan Moncayo and Santiago Castiila, respectively.

Top five will play a qualifying tournament for the PGA Tour Latinoamérica

According to the FVG, the Venezuelan Open will once again have the assistance of a group of professionals who come from abroad and who join the most outstanding professionals in the country and other Venezuelans who live in other nations.

This tournament is valid for the PGA Tour Latinoamérica Development Series, so the top five will play a qualifying tournament for the PGA Tour Latinoamérica.

Bancamiga reaffirms its support for sport

The 38th edition begins its schedule of activities on Monday, March 13, with the classification for all categories and continues on Tuesday with the traditional ProAm Copa Bancamiga, a team competition that brings together a professional and three amateurs and marks the start of the tournament, which ends on March 18.

“Bancamiga is a thriving organization and an ally of the FVG. Just like the Federation, it works to promote the sport and its support was key for Venezuela to achieve third place in the Los Andes Cup last year,” said the executive director of the FVG, Diego Castillo.

The ProAm Copa Bancamiga is a one-day tournament and is of great importance because it allows golfers to get closer to the course to get to know it, while marking the beginning of the best week of golf in Venezuela. Prizes are awarded to the first three teams.

The presence of Bancamiga Banco Universal at the XXXVIII Venezuelan Open is a way of positioning the brand and reaffirming its support for sport and for the young people who promote this discipline inside and outside the country, the statement concluded.

With information from Bancamiga

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