Belgian federal government bans TikTok on official devices of its staff

For security reasons, the Belgian government has banned the use of TikTok on the official phones of ministers and federal officials

The Belgian federal government has decided this Friday to prohibit the use of the application of the Chinese social network TikTok on the official devices of its personnel considering for security reasons, a measure that in recent weeks have also been implemented by institutions of the European Union.

“The TikTok application is already prohibited at the federal level. It is a logical and necessary decision,” said one of the deputy prime ministers of the Belgian Government, the environmentalist Georges Gilkinet, announcing the decision made this very same day on his Twitter profile.

The ban will affect both the ministers and their cabinets and the federal civil service, as agreed by the National Security Council following the conclusions of a report by the intelligence services (State Security) that point out the security risks of the platform.

Already in the middle of the week, the Belgian Minister of Justice, Vincent van Quickenborne, raised the advisability of vetoing the installation of this social network on the devices that public administration personnel use for professional use.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Solen Feyissa, Unsplash)

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