Rafael Núñez: Users must get protected against cybercriminals

The computer security expert recommends avoiding connecting to unauthorized networks

The Venezuelan expert in cybersecurity Rafael Núñez explained in an interview in the Unión Radio program Cyberespacio conducted by Edgar Rincón, that “we could keep information security just by applying what could be called a ‘digital lock’, due to the electric rationing that is applied In Venezuela”.

His declaration took place before he left for the Dominican Republic to participate in the recent Open Saturday event, an initiative to share knowledge about Free Open Secure Software tools, at the Dominican O & M University.

The director of MasQueDigital, a Venezuelan cybersecurity and advisory firm in matters that are part of the digital world, recommended supporting personal information on external drives.

The alert for those who continuously walk on the information highway isto never  give confidential information over the Internet, since now they take advantage of the country situation to send scandalous news to people and obviously to be aware of what is happening. However, when the blackout occurs people click on dubious notes and that’s where “cyber pirates” act,” he said.

Núñez recalled that in his talks he always recommends people avoid connecting to unauthorized networks, especially if they are going to use their confidential information, because they are not aware of applications in the background.

Faced with that situation, he indicated that the main thing is to deactivate the automatic applications in the background and then connect to public networks. “It does not sound easy, but you have to guarantee the security of your personal information at all levels.”

Núñez clarified that if the WiFi network is compromised by a cybercriminal, he will go further and try to intercept the transmission. Therefore, he can access your equipment and the data stored on your computer.

Source: El Sumario

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