Gmail celebrates 20 years as the most used email service

This Monday, April 1, Google's email service, Gmail, reached 20 years. With the incorporation of AI it will offer users greater efficiency and speed

Google’s Gmail email service celebrated its 20th anniversary this Monday, April 1, offering users the possibility of staying connected. With the incorporation of AI, it will undoubtedly offer new tools, greater efficiency and speed to users around the world.

Gmail is currently the most used email service. It is defined as a complete, friendly, easy-to-use platform and it is free. With the addition of Gemini (formerly Bard), its AI-powered assistant, Google seeks to offer users “a better service experience when carrying out actions such as finding and presenting information.”

In line with the technological advances of these times, Google continues to work on the incorporation of AI through functions such as data filtering or the ability to generate “drafts” by simply suggesting a topic.

Gone are user complaints about manually searching for files and wasting time. Artificial intelligence arrived to facilitate communication interaction, also offering new tools, with security and simplicity.


Source: europapress

(Reference image source: Justin Morgan en Unsplash)

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