George Hotz claims that bitcoin’s bifurcation surpasses him

The renowned hacker and entrepreneur indicated many factors such as the commission, among other things, that make it more interesting than the original cryptocurrency

The entrepreneur George Hotz, known worldwide for being the first person to unlock an iPhone and apply a “jailbreak” to the iOS software in 2007, recently spoke about the bifurcation of bitcoin, bitcoin cash.

The hacker said in BCH Devcon San Francisco that the BCH is much more importane than the bitcoin, since it “has very low commissions compared to the other”, added to other details that could put it first in the list of the best cryptocurrencies.

“I know we’re doing cryptocurrency things here, but we’re not going to talk about cryptocurrency policies, because politics is for the losers,” he said of the digital currency world.

Adding arguments to his claim, Hotz said he was upset by the high fees that users must pay with the BTC, saying that “bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin“.

On the other hand, he stressed being comfortable with the world of cryptocurrencies and one of his hobbies is reading the ethereum code. Despite this he explained that this network is a “bug hunt“, so it ensures that smart contracts are an invitation for malicious hackers.

K. Tovar

Source: Coincrispy

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