FTX Europe launches asset return plan to local users

FTX's European subsidiary announced an asset return plan for users in the region, after they receive their account statement

FTX Europe announced on March 31 that it will return funds to local users. Only users who opened their accounts at FTX.com/eu in 2022 will be able to benefit from this measure.

Clients, according to the subsidiary, will first receive an account statement with the balance in fiat money. Subsequently, they will be indicated the channels that will be enabled to receive their money.

According to the iProUP portal, “the measure does not cover those customers who operated via any other division of the FTX Group, even if they currently reside in Europe. Therefore, clients of FTX International and FTX.US, for example, will still have to wait for news.

FTX’s European clients will be able to consult their assets through ftxeurope.eu, a platform that will also allow them to process withdrawal requests.

While this measure is being applied, the rest of the platform’s clients in the world are waiting for an equitable solution that benefits them, and they can recover their assets.


Source: iproup

(Reference image source: Bastian Riccardi, Unsplash)

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