Activision added a new Ricochet anti-cheat system

The company incorporated hardware that is capable of avoiding the use of third-party tools that provide an advantage in Call of Duty

Activision added to its Ricochet anti-cheat system the ability to detect third-party hardware that helps users illicitly enhance their Call of Duty gameplay, whether on PC or video console.

The development studio announced the global rollout of detection of game-altering third-party hardware in Modern Warfare II or Warzone 2.0. These are devices that act on computer and game console controllers to gain an advantage, such as reducing or eliminating recoil.

This novelty in the Ricochet system will detect offenders, who will first be shown a warning about the inappropriate use of such devices, as the study has reported on the Call of Duty blog.

Should they persist, game managers will take more stringent measures such as mitigations, actions to negatively impact the cheater experience, account or feature suspensions, or banning the offending account from all Call Duty.

Activision isn’t the only video game company taking action against third-party hardware that offers illicit advantages. Ubisoft announced in February a new system to detect players who use external devices to gain an advantage by pretending to play with a game controller when they are actually using a keyboard and mouse.

Source: dpa

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