Four thousand ransomware attacks per day occur in Latin America

The cybersecurity company Kaspersky points out that ransomware attacks have increased to 4,000 per day in Latin America, despite a decrease in countries like Brazil

The balance of ransomware attacks in Latin America, during 2022, amounts to four thousand cases a day, according to the cybersecurity company Kaspersky.

The attackers hide behind a methodology or system aimed at public and private sector organizations in the region, known as ransomware as a service.

According to Kaspersky data, despite a 28% decrease compared to 2021, attacks amount to 4,000 per day. Brazil is one of the countries with the greatest reduction in ransomware this year, accompanied by Chile, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Panama, in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Argentina, Guatemala and Peru, the attacks are numerous.

Marc Rivero, senior security analyst at Kaspersky, points out: “The ransomware as a service business has thrived in the region, which operates as a formal industry, with ’employees’ at different levels who are dedicated 24/7 to studying their potential victims and plan attacks.

Hackers use this system, since it makes it easier for them to mobilize larger sums of money than other crimes such as arms sales or human trafficking.

Kaspersky also highlights the progress of criminals in Latin America towards creating their own ransomware. A prominent example is ChileLocker, named after the first country to record attacks in August 2022. It is a family of “Latino ransomware that can steal saved credentials in browsers, map servers, and devices on the network to encrypt them and avoid antivirus detection.” through a function that allows ransomware to be scheduled to run.So far, ChileLocker has been detected in Chile and Colombia.

The cybersecurity company has highlighted four attacker profiles: ransomware operators, intermediaries, affiliates, and ransomware creators. All with solid technological knowledge that ensures success in their attacks, to keep 20 or 30 % of the profits.


Source: cointelegraph

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