Startup Azteco arrives in Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica

Los clientes de la startup Azteco ahora podrán adquirir bitcoin en quiscos de las tiendas locales

With its expansion in Latin America and the Caribbean, the startup Azteco strengthens its position in the cryptocurrency market and offers the purchase of Bitcoin in local stores in Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia.

According to sources related to the company, Azteco has reached these countries to expand the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the population and facilitate transactions.

The startup, which is based in California, United States, made the announcement through its account on the social network Twitter, of the activation in Peru of 90,000 points of sale to buy Bitcoin vouchers.

The measure also applies to Costa Rica and Colombia, where coupons will be available from $5 or its equivalent in local currency.

Azteco has promoted the use of Bitcoin since its appearance on the market. It is now expanding in the region, where El Salvador leads the way in adopting Bitcoin as legal tender.

Innovation in the financial market is Azteco’s goal, since it is the main tool for the inclusion of the most vulnerable, as well as being a door to new opportunities for development and growth.


Source: hoycripto

(Reference image source: Dmitry Demidko, Unsplash)

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