Fintech Alliance of Ibero-America renewed its authorities

Representatives of the 15 countries that make up the Ibero-American Fintech Association elected new authorities and renewed their commitment to financial inclusion in the region

The Ibero-American Fintech Alliance elected new authorities for the Board of Directors, in a renewal of its commitment to financial inclusion in the region.

The election of the new president was held at the beginning of this month, with the conviction that the new leaders will continue to strengthen the positioning of Latin America as a strong fintech market.

The Ibero-American Fintech Alliance is made up of 15 chambers from the countries in the area, which, in turn, are present through 2,600 fintech companies.

The new board was made up of Roberto Vargas, President (President of the Peru Fintech Association); in the vice presidency Rodolfo Grela, Secretary of the Uruguayan Chamber of Fintech; as treasurer Diego Pérez, President of the Brazilian Fintech Association.

Diego García, President of the Paraguayan Fintech Chamber, was assigned to the position of secretary, and Erick Chacón, President of the El Salvador Fintech Association, and Ernesto Calero, Executive Director of the Mexico Fintech Association, were assigned to the Ethics Committee.

According to the outgoing president of the Association, Mario López, Latin America has high potential in the fintech sector, which has generated thousands of jobs and affirmed the adoption of new technologies in the area of ​​finance. According to López, “25 % of fintech companies created were born in the region.”

The new president, Roberto Vargas, declared: “Peru receives with great responsibility the task of leading with Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay the evolution of Fintech Ibero-America. The work of the board will be aimed at being an eligible partner for any stakeholder to promote the financial technology industry and financial inclusion through institutional development, increasing the level of business in Latin America and the generation of income and knowledge.”


Source: cointelegraph

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in cooperation with Getty Images)

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