Fake Windows update page puts user security at risk

A new threat to users simulates a Windows update page to infect with Aurora malware

A new threat is compromising user information by simulating a Windows update screen that actually hides Aurora malware that antivirus systems cannot detect.

A malicious ad is the trigger for the threat that Malwarebytes researchers are now warning about. Specifically, a pop-up ad that is displayed on adult content pages.

These ads are of the popunder type. They are not displayed directly on the page that the user has open in the browser, but behind it, in such a way that they are only seen when the main window is closed.

The particularity of this new threat is that the pop-up advertisement that it displays simulates being a full-page Windows update blue screen. At one point it stops progressing and shows a button and the indication that if it wants to complete, a critical security update must be installed.

It is actually a ‘malware’ loader that antivirus systems fail to detect. Install a copy of the infostealer Aurora.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Microsoft, Europa Press/dpa)

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