Facebook will launch smart glasses

Hand-in-hand with Ray-Ban, the social network presented what will be its first model of a device that has built-in camera and audio functions

Facebook and Ray-Ban presented their first model of Ray-Ban Stories smart sunglasses, developed jointly and which have functions such as a camera and built-in audio for both listening to music and making calls.

The new Ray-Ban Stories opt for a formula similar to that of Snapchat’s Spectacles, with a design like that of normal lenses, with three models inspired by the popular Ray-Ban: Wayfarer (Wayfarer size L), Round and Meteor, in five colors and with various lens options, for 20 possible variations.

The device is equipped with a dual 5MP camera on the front of the mount with which it allows to capture photos and instant videos of up to 30 seconds, designed to be spontaneous and to record the user’s gaze.

When recording, an LED light turns on to alert people around. The camera features technologies such as HDR, video stabilization, noise reduction, and low light mode.

In addition, the Ray-Ban Stories feature the Facebook Assistant, which can be controlled with the voice command “Hey Facebook” from a hands-free mode to take instant photos or videos.

These lenses feature Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a sound system with three microphones and speakers, with which users can both listen to music and answer voice calls. Its features are completed with a charger case that gives autonomy to use them up to three days in a row.

The new Ray-Ban Stories are accompanied by the mobile application Facebook View App, with which it is possible to edit and improve the photos, as well as share them through Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger or other apps.

K. Tovar

Source: Expansión

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