71% of the wealthiest people invested in cryptocurrencies

An investigation carried out by the consulting firm Capgemini determined that 71% of the wealthiest people have invested in cryptocurrencies

The French consulting firm Capgemini carried out an investigation that determined that in 2021, “high net worth” people increased by 7.8 % to reach 1.7 million in the world. Of that total, 71 % of the wealthiest people have invested in cryptocurrencies, which indicates that digital assets are conquering spaces within the financial strategies of people with a higher economic level.

The consulting firm interviewed “2,970 rich men and women in 24 important wealth markets in America, Europe and Asia-Pacific” in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the preference for emerging cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, stablecoins or altcoins.

Within the conclusions of the Capgemini study highlighted the growing demand of people for information on the crypto market, particularly among the richest people in the world, many citizens expressed their desire to improve their “educational skills” in order to fine-tune their decisions to when managing your investments.

Young people prefer investments in cryptocurrencies

The research also highlights that younger investors have an even greater affinity with cryptocurrencies, to the point that 91 % of those interviewed are part of the crypto market.

According to this scenario, the study recommends that “crypto and blockchain technology will attract the attention of wealth management companies.”

 “As the adoption of digital assets (cryptocurrencies, ETFs, NFTs, metaverse-related products, and digital currencies) grows, wealth management firms will need capabilities around products and education. Additionally, ecosystem partnerships will be necessary to create a diversified portfolio of digital offerings,” explained the company on the document.

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