Facebook will launch news application

The social network works on creating a news page on its platform to support the funding of "high quality and reliable" journalism

Mark Zuckerberg, the head of the most popular social network in the world, talked about this new project in a video posted on his profile as part of a conversation with Mathias Doepfner, Axel Springer Media CEO.

It is important to emphasize that Facebook users are interested in having a space dedicated to current news. To develop the initiative the leader hopes to have the collaboration of large media.

Similarly, Zuckerberg said that it will be necessary to select the information that will be published. However, he did not offer more details on how the new application of the social network will be structured.

To conclude, the founder of Facebook said that the project is still in its initial phase but can help financially media groups in their transition to the digital era.


Source: BancayNegocios 

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