EU investigates compliance with Antitrust Law in Meta, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet

This Monday the European Union began an investigation into technology companies. Brussels investigates Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Meta for allegedly failing to comply with new digital antitrust rules

For alleged non-compliance with the Antitrust Law, four companies in the technology sector have been under investigation by the European Union since Monday.

Meta, Alphabet, Amazon and Apple apparently are not complying with the rules of the new Digital Services Law. For this reason, the European Union is investigating the actions of these platforms.

As you may remember, the Digital Markets Law came into effect on March 7. Regarding the case of the companies investigated, Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton noted that they have held “conversations with the gatekeepers for months to help them adapt, and we can already see changes in the market.” But he added that they are not convinced that these companies “meet their obligations to make a fairer and more open digital space possible for citizens and companies.”

If the investigations progress and responsibilities are determined within twelve months, large fines could be established, equivalent to 10 or 20 % of the turnover of Meta, Alphabet, Amazon and Apple.


Source: confilegal

(Reference image source: Guillaume Périgois en Unsplash)

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