Google announced new generative AI tools for small businesses

Silicon Valley tech giant Google announced the availability of new generative AI tools and nametags for small businesses

Google has activated new tools for small businesses with which they can identify themselves as such in the Search Engine and Maps and access generative artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize the images of their products.

This week, the technology company began the launch of Product Studio, a set of AI tools focused on merchants, so they can personalize the images of their products, as detailed on the Google blog.

Product Studio includes a generative AI tool that helps create a background scene from a text description, and that offers suggestions based on times of the year, such as the Christmas season.

Product Studio is available to small businesses in the United States in Merchant Center Next, the Google app, and YouTube on Shopify.

On the other hand, and also focused on small businesses, the technology company will find a new attribute that will allow them to identify themselves as such in Search and Google Maps. “These new labels will make it easier for buyers to narrow down their searches,” the technology company explains.

Source: dpa

(Referential image source: Google, Europa Press / dpa)

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