Entrepreneurs will turn Ibero-America into a more sustainable region

Ibero-American businessmen committed to building a more entrepreneurial, connected and sustainable region at the end of the Alliance for Ibero-America Business Council

At the end of the fifth edition of the Business Council Alliance for Ibero-America Congress (Ceapi in Spanish), held in the Dominican Republic from June 1st to 2, Ibero-American businessmen have committed to building a more sustainable, entrepreneurial and connected region.

During the meeting, the 300 business leaders who participated in the event addressed the role of the Ibero-American region in the new world economy and the current context. Among the participants in the meeting were the executive president of Inicia, Felipe Vicini; the president of the Gilinski Group, Jaime Gilinski, or the Ibero-American secretary general, Andrés Allamand and the president of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader as host.

The reunion made it possible to analyze the potential of the region as a future center “of renewable energies or the general role of the region in the current scenario of uncertainty”. Andrés Allamand highlighted “the importance of preparing for the future, first by creating a pro-growth environment and, subsequently, by improving governance and guaranteeing social peace.”

Ito Bisonó, Dominican Minister of Industry and Commerce, emphasized the importance of Ceapi as a mechanism for “exchange between businessmen and institutions for the social, economic and financial stability of the region, as well as the role of the Dominican Republic as a lever of growth for Ibero-America in the coming decades

Business challenges for Ibero-America

The businessmen and senior executives who participated in the meeting prepared a document where they recorded the objectives and challenges of the business sector over the next few years, reflecting the commitment to the future of Ibero-America.

Among the aspects formalized in the document, the following stand out:

  • The need to maintain a united Ibero-America
  • Direct the region towards a “sustained and sustainable growth and focused on innovation, digitization and entrepreneurship.
  • Maintain and deepen public-private cooperation in key sectors of the economy
  • Recognize the social responsibility of companies in a scenario of increased poverty and inequality.

M. Rodríguez

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