eBay to launch package delivery service

The brand plans to launch a delivery program starting next year, which will be aimed at merchants of its platform

The innovation will seek to leverage eBay’s extensive network of partners to offer an end-to-end fulfillment service, including product storage, shipping, package tracking, and customer service.

With eBay Managed Delivery, vendors will be able to locate inventories in eBay warehouses across the United States.

The measure is part of a comprehensive growth plan within the company, which also includes projects such as Managed Catalog and Managed Payment.

Devin Wenig, eBay’s CEO, said the new project does not seek to compete with Amazon’s Prime service delivery times. However, he said that buyers will get used to receiving their packages in less time than usual.

Wenig said the minimum delivery time with Managed Delivery would be three days. The company’s announcement comes after the Shopify platform announced last month a shipping fulfillment network, whose package delivery time is approximately two days.


Source: Tekcrispy

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