Information technologies optimize medical care

Patients currently have remote assistance through video calls, smartphones, applications and devices worn in the body for the control of vital signs

Information technologies are advancing at an accelerated pace. The medical sector relies heavily on these innovations to reach more people in less time and offer a quality service. They use the latest applications through smartphones, video calls, wearabales to record vital signs remotely.

ICTs are the fundamental pillar of the health and medical care sector, because they allow doctors to receive patient data almost immediately and establish an adequate treatment.

Likewise, the patient count on platforms powered by reliable medical data to find answers to their questions and obtain information they can share on their social networks.

The Internet is the main ally of doctors, researchers and therapists, who can act comfortably and efficiently. In addition, costs are reduced in view of the fact that both the doctor and the patient do not need to move from the place where they are, thanks to the connection through the network.

Currently, the detection, treatment and prevention of diseases efficiently are possible thanks to new information technologies, the development of new platforms, devices and digital tools.


Source: Innovación en salud

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