Donald Trump becomes the Republican candidate and Biden’s only opponent

With the resignation of Nikki Haley in the United States electoral race, Donald Trump becomes the de facto candidate of the Republicans

The electoral race in the United States now remains between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, after candidate Nikki Haley suffered a crushing defeat on Super Tuesday, and decided to abandon her political aspirations.

With Halley’s resignation, Trump becomes the de facto candidate of the Republicans. Involved in legal matters, trials and accusations, the former US president remains in the fight to return to rule the White House.

There was speculation that Haley, the former governor of South Carolina and a former member of Trump’s cabinet, might call for a vote for Trump, putting aside old grudges. However, this did not happen. The truth is that Trump is now the only Republican Party candidate for president.

During Super Tuesday, Trump focused on highlighting Biden’s advanced age to seek a second term; aspect that unleashed comments for and against.

Once the Republican assumes control of the National Committee, more details of the expected meeting between the two opponents will be known.


With information from international media

(Reference image: Brandon Mowinkel at Unsplash)

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