Dell announced the layoff of 6,500 workers

The computer manufacturer Dell indicated this Monday that it will reduce its payroll by 5 %, which represents 6,500 fewer workers

The wave of layoffs in technology reached the manufacturer Dell, in Texas, which announced on Monday the reduction of 5 % of its workforce.

According to the vice president of Dell, Jeff Clarke, the company in the technology area, the layoffs add up to 6,500 jobs in its workforce.

The impact of the high costs of raw materials, the threats of a global economic recession, as well as internal problems of each company, are the main factors that affect the wave of layoffs that began at the end of 2022 by companies in the technology sector.

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, began the personnel cuts, with massive layoffs that affect thousands of workers in their dependencies on all continents. It is a widespread financial crisis, both internal and external.

Dell, based in Texas, United States, indicated the layoff of 6,500 workers, as a result of a decrease in its sales of 10 % posted for November 2022.


Source: finanzasdigital

(Reference image source: Scott Graham, Unsplash)

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