Cybercrimes through mobile phone SIM card duplication increase

Cybercriminals can duplicate the SIM card of smartphones and steal the data, without the victim receiving spam messages before the event

Technological advancement allows new methods of action for cybercriminals. Now, data theft from victims occurs by sending malicious messages, as hackers duplicate the SIM card directly from the mobile phone.

Cases of SIM card cloning are increasing, keeping users and telecommunications companies on alert, which are ultimately the ones that can notify victims about a duplication of their SIM card.

If the person has been a victim of a scam, he will not receive a telephone message. The scammers are already inside the Smartphone system by cloning the SIM card. From that moment they have access to login details, bank card number, among others.

Cybercriminals can also achieve their goal by accessing the QR code necessary to activate the eSIM on selected devices.


Source: eldebate

(Reference image source: Luis Villasmil in Unsplash)

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