Crypto Council, the new project led by experts in cryptography

The intention is to educate society about the advantages of the crypto ecosystem, with workshops, studies and other activities

Crypto Council for Innovation (CCI) is the name of the new organization introduced in the cryptographic market, led by experts in cryptocurrencies, with the main objective of educating society about the potential of digital currencies and the contributions that can be offered from this area to generate positive changes to the ecosystem.

The launch of the project was announced on April 6, suggested by Paradigm and promoted by companies at the level of Coinbase. The intention is to promote the development of digital currencies with the support of leaders in the crypto industry and achieve “to unlock the transformative promise of crypto.”

Among the strategies proposed, many experts in the organization coincide in supporting governments and institutions around the world by informing them and encouraging them to create responsible policies related to cryptography.

The information will be disseminated through a curriculum consisting of workshops, studies and other activities in order to demonstrate the advantages of crypto and cryptocurrencies.

ITC aims to impact the global economy by helping regulators, legislators and individuals throughout the world. For this, agreements have been established with companies such as Coinbase, Square Inc or Fidelity Digital Assets.


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