Costa Rica faces an increase in cyberattacks

In 2022, Costa Rica has suffered an escalation of cyberattacks due to its precarious levels of development in this area

A wave of cyberattacks affects government institutions in Costa Rica. As the country looks for ways to adapt to higher levels of security in this area, cases of hacking continue to increase.

The Central American country has shown that it does not have a strong infrastructure in terms of cybersecurity. In fact, analysts point out that a high percentage of government institutions and other entities only have an initial security system.


Costa Rica


Given the risks triggered by cyberattacks, such as those perpetrated by hacker groups called Conti and Hive, the authorities have decided to invest $3.7 million “in the purchase of equipment for the Computer Security Incident Response Center (CSIRT-CR), licenses for ransomware mitigation, DNS filtering tool, website and staff hiring,” according to the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) in October.

Costa Rica has been the focus of attacks by cyber hackers. Therefore, a technological adaptation to the current environment is urgent and in this way to face the gaps that make the nation increasingly vulnerable.


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Source: swissinfo

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