Bancamiga doubles the limits for consumption in Venezuela

If you are not yet a customer, it is very easy to approach any of the 47 Bancamiga agencies in the country or any of its operations, which you can find out about at, Blog Conecta2 section

Bancamiga doubled the limits for consumption in the country of its debit and credit cards to the equivalent in bolivars of 1,000 dollars.

The executive president of Bancamiga Banco Universal, Ariel Martínez, expressed that this increase is a response to the financial needs of Venezuelans, which will allow clients to have greater liquidity to spend and invest.

From now on, customers can make daily purchases with their debit or credit cards up to the equivalent in bolivars of 1,000 dollars, calculated at the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela.

“This increase in consumption limits in the country is part of Bancamiga’s strategies to promote the well-being of Venezuelans, especially when we are days away from celebrating a date as important as Father’s Day.”

Martínez recalled that in order for its clients to have more resources, Bancamiga raised the limits of Visa and Mastercard credit cards in December, and more recently did so for Mother’s Day.

Bancamiga’s business strategies respond to the financial needs of Venezuelans

“The increase in consumption limits is part of Bancamiga’s business strategies” Martínez stressed.

To be a client of the institution, the process is quite simple: go to any of the 47 Bancamiga agencies in the country or approach any of its operations with the following instructions: current copy of the identity card, Tax Information Registry, proof of work or income certification, a verifiable bank reference, email and telephone number.

At you can find out details of the bank’s products and services, in addition to the dates and places in which it carries out its account opening operations, delivery of the Bancamiga Debit Card for national and international use and placement of the versatile Points of sale.

With information and reference image provided by Bancamiga

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