Italy to impose fines of USD 5 million for cryptocurrency crimes

The Italian authorities are preparing sanctions for those who manipulate the crypto market. The fines would be around USD 5 million

Cryptocurrency crimes will be punished in Italy through regulations that establish fines between 5,000 euros and 5 million euros (USD $5,400 and USD $5.4 million).

People who commit crimes “such as insider trading, illegal disclosure of inside information or market manipulation related to digital currencies” will have to pay the high sums established by the authorities.

Italy seeks to implement stricter measures in the crypto market to control the risks linked to digital assets. All within the framework of the new laws of the European Union, the Crypto Asset Markets Law, MiCA.

The draft of new sanctions in Italy establishes that the country’s central bank and the market control body, Consob, will be in charge of implementation.

The new regulations add to independent measures by the Italian government to regulate the crypto industry.


Source: diariobitcoin

(Reference image source: Kanchanara in Unsplash)

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