Colombia will hold a hackathon on blockchain, Web3 and NFT

Colombia will host the ForkTheSystem hackathon from March 11-13 and will be focused on blockchain technology, Web3 and NFTs

Colombia will host the ForkTheSystem hackathon that will take place between March 11 and 13 and will focus on blockchain technology, Web3 and NFTs. The event will be organized by Status Network with a mixed format that will be free for attendees.

The event will start with a virtual conference, while the face-to-face edition will start on the 11th at the Casa Palma Hub, in Bogotá, Colombia. It is open to anyone who want to participate since there is no specific profile defined, they will also be able to watch some conferences via streaming.

Juan David Reyes, organizer of the event and developer of the Community for Status Network, explained: “During the 3 days in which the event will be held, we will seek to create a community where participants can share their proposal in the same learning and practice environment, where anyone can dream big.

The hackathon will feature the intervention of more than 60 leading specialists in the sector such as Johnny Gómez, founder of BloeX; Mateo and JuanK Bell, from Ethereum Caribe and Andrés Fernández, from There will be a space for creative collaboration and exchange of ideas focused on the construction of Web3. In addition, they plan to select the most interesting individual or collective projects and award them prizes of up to 3,000 dollars.

Relevant topics of the hackathon

All those interested in participating in the event can access https// and will be able to attend the conferences on blockchain for business, public goods and even a workshop that The Graph will offer.

In addition to the inaugural activities at the Casa Palma Hub, there is also a session on “brainstorming”, the formation of work teams and the beginning and development of Hacking.

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