Colombia issues decree to legalize guardians of Venezuelan migrant children

The government of Colombia seeks to legalize, by decree, the guardians of minor Venezuelan migrants who are under the Temporary Protection Permit (PPT)

The director of Migration Colombia, Fernando García Manosalva, indicated this Tuesday that the government will apply by decree the Special Permanence Permit for Guardians (PEP Tutor) plan to legalize the guardians of minor Venezuelan migrants in the country.

The measure, according to government spokespersons, seeks to give legality to the guardians of Venezuelan children and adolescents in the territory as migrants and will then be extended to the entire Latin American population that is in Colombia illegally.

The permit would provide legal status to the representatives and custodians of more than 270,000 Venezuelan children and adolescents who currently enjoy the Temporary Protection Permit (PPT).

In this sense, García noted: “This decree is a special permanence permit like the previous ones that fundamentally seeks to integrate guardians, parents or custodians, that is, those people who have responsibility for minors who have PPT already in their hands. and who live in Colombia.”

In this way, children and adolescents will benefit from access to the “health and education system for guardians or custodians and children or adolescents who are in their care.”

It was learned that the PEP Tutor will allow beneficiaries to “enter and leave Colombian territory and access basic rights such as health and education, and will have an initial validity of two years, beginning 90 days after its publication.”

The decree comes to facilitate the process for parents of migrant minors in Colombian territory, since the Temporary Protection Statute for Venezuelans (ETPV) applies to children but is closed to adults.


Source: laprensadelara

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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