Aruba Chamber of Commerce advocates opening the border with Venezuela

According to the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aruba, Diederik Kemmerling, the opening of the border with Venezuela is necessary to expand bilateral commercial exchange

The president of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Diederik Kemmerling, raised the need to reopen the border with Venezuela with the aim of increasing commercial exchange, in addition to benefiting tourism.

According to the official, the main items that arrive to the island from Venezuela are food and construction materials. Opening the border would boost the economy of both territories by encouraging imports and exports.

In an interview with Crónicas del Caribe, Kemmerling noted: “The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aruba wants to open the border with Venezuela completely. This is very important for importing and exporting products, because right now the products in the supermarket are very expensive.”

According to data from the Central Statistics Office of Aruba, during the first four months of 2024, Venezuela was ranked fifth among exporters to the island. “In that period, 1,590 tons were imported, compared to 1,381 tons during the first three months of 2023,” said office states.


Source: elaragueno

(Reference image source: Louis Luna in Unsplash)

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