Colgate presented the first toothbrush with AI

The company launched its first tool for dental hygiene for Europe, which will work with first-class technology

The company Colgate launched this week its first toothbrush equipped with artificial intelligence, which will allow users to receive real-time reviews about the product they are using.

At first, this product will be available exclusively for Europe and could be purchased by Apple’s online store, and some physical spaces.

The Colgate Connect E1 brush uses Apple ResearchKit will seek to collect data collectively regarding the tooth brushing of users, who will decide whether or not they want to provide the data of their experience.

“Our goal is simple. We want people to have their healthiest smiles by brushing as well as possible. The first step to improve brushing is to understand the habits of consumers, and Apple ResearchKit has proven to be a very useful tool for this,” said Dr. Patricia Verduin, technology director of ColgatePalmolive Company.

The interaction in the system will be through the Bluetooth connection and the sonic vibration technology, which was developed by the smart device company Kolibree.

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Source: Revista Cloudcomputing

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